5 Non-fiction Books for Pre-schoolers

Check out our Easy Non-fiction collection! Here are 5 new non-fiction books designed for the pre-school age group.

1. Moose, Goose, Animals on the Loose! by Geraldo Valerio

Between the beaver building branch by branch, the loon laughing on the lake, and the powerful, playful polar bear, Canada is home to a spectacular array of animals. This concept book celebrates the country's diverse wildlife by presenting each letter of the alphabet alongside a representative mammal, insect, bird, reptile, amphibian, fish, or invertebrate. Short text phrases describe animal behavior and play with alliteration, making each spread fun and engaging.

2. Chickens Don't Fly and other fun facts by Laura Lun DiSiena

Did you know that a dwarf lanternshark is only 8 inches long?
How about that some salamanders breathe through their skin?
Or that elephants have a great sense of smell--and can detect water that's twelve miles away?

Colorful, humorous illustrations accompany tons of cool facts about animals of all shapes, sizes, speeds, and species in this lively book that makes nonfiction fun!

3. Plants Can't Sit Still by Rebecca E. Hirsch

Do plants really move? Absolutely! You might be surprised by all the movements that plants can make. Plants might not pick up their roots and walk away, but they definitely don't sit still! Discover the many ways plants (and their seeds) move. Whether it's a sunflower, a Venus flytrap, or intriguingly exotic plants like an exploding cucumbers, this fascinating picture book shows just how excitingly active plants really are.

4. The Polar Bear by Jenni Desmond

A gorgeously illustrated nonfiction book about the polar bear, this is a factually accurate as well as a poetic exploration of polar bear bodies, habits, and habitats. Working in a painterly, expressive way, Jenni Desmond creates landscapes and creatures that are marked by atmosphere and emotion, telling a story about bears that engages the reader's interest in amazing facts as well as their deep sense of wonder.

5. Dreaming Up: a celebration of building by Christy Hale

Combining images of preschoolers at play with famous buildings all over the world, this lively picture book is great for sharing.